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Why Snooker Players Only Drink Water? It Is Very Simple

Why Snooker Players Only Drink Water? It Is Very Simple

Written by Anmol Pathak

People do seem confused with the concept of water drinking in snooker tournaments. Why snooker players drink water? I think in every aspect of sports, hydration plays a crucial role. Be it football, cricket, basketball or even cue sports like snooker.

Snooker is a very different game of concentration and consistency. What happens during moments between shots (player taking the shot) and stay (player waiting for his turn) can completely change the game. As the players have to plan their moves accordingly, they need to keep hydrated for proper mental existence and physical execution. In simple words, water helps the brain to remain focused and regulate stress as well as anxiety throughout the match.

To understand this completely, we need to consider the mental skills required in snooker.

Mindset For The Snooker Frame 

snooker mindset

Player’s mindset during the frame is important.

It’s all about planning. In snooker, one bad shot can lead to difficult circumstances during the frame. But what happens in between the shots is also essential.

The player sitting and waiting for his turn might get stressed or distracted due to many factors. The players tend to visualize their shots and their impact. Now making this visualization process self-critical, players can have two outputs.

  • Making the shot (The desired ball ends into the pocket) 
  • Missing the shot

At first, they have to have balanced emotional and mental awareness. Then their physicality needs to be perfect the stance, the bridge, everything should be inlined for the shot.

And the other factors can include crowd chattering, opponent’s performance which might debase their execution.

I believe these things can make a huge difference in the player’s mindset. To have control of your mind helps master your performance. 

You might have guessed till here why snooker players drink water? But let’s dive a little deeper into this. We are starting with snooker history.

Alcoholic Snooker – In The Golden Era

Billie Werbeniuk

Billie Werbeniuk ‘Big Bill’

80s snooker was not unsullied. Billie Werbeniuk ‘Big Bill’, the Canadian player, was well known for his drinking habit. Alex Higgins was also seen smoking and drinking during a match. 

These instances do tell that things were smooth back in the golden era of snooker. But now, players are only allowed to drink sponsored non-alcoholic drink. Majorly it is water or else sponsored water. 

And yes these restrictions are only for the professional matches,

Why Only Water? Importance Of Hydration In Snooker

Importance Of Hydration

Hydration is important for improving awareness.

You might be aware of Hydration (The process of absorbing water). Hydration has many benefits on the physical as well as mental health. Just like every other sport, snooker players also need to consume water for its beneficial effects. 

Let’s look into some benefits of hydration: 

  • Water intake improves attention and awareness: Dehydration can cause mental and physical fatigue. When you feel you lack some speed or accuracy, water might help. 
  • Restore your mood and emotions: Hydration helps as a mood booster which eventually helps in performing well.
  • Maintains brain functions: As mentioned before water helps in mental fatigue which improves brain function. Resulting in enhanced blood & oxygen flow into your brain.
  • Preventing and relieving headaches: Headaches often result due to dehydration.
  • Reducing stress: As water uplifts your mood, stress level goes down.

Snooker is a game of mental awareness more than physicality. Therefore, the water consumed by players helps in increasing their focus and attention span.

We have covered the player’s mindset, game’s history and the importance of hydration in this infotainment on snooker. It was one of the fundamental questions people have, so we tried compiling it in a box. If you have any more questions, you may let us know.

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